About Us - Cooking, Oven, Smoking Wood Ontario

Three long time major companies, Redi2Burn, Highland Forestry, and Hallman Lumber, have joined forces to expand our product line and provide excellence and leadership in the market. We have been serving our customers with seasoned firewood in Ontario for over twenty years. Our wood is fully seasoned and ready to burn at optimal use upon delivery. We provide a blend of dense hardwoods with a high portion of Maple, Oak, Ash and Beech providing best heat for your dollar. We carry two different lengths of firewood. Our 16 inch wood will fit in the majority of stoves while we also carry a 12 inch for smaller size stoves.

Based out of Walters Falls and Barrie we can capitalize on at least 1000 acres of sustainable managed hardwood forest alongside access to multiple forest tracts in public and private sector.

Our wood is split to different sizes specific to uses for wood furnaces, stoves or fireplaces, or restaurants, smokers and cook ovens.